Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy 31st Birthday to Me!

I just had the best birthday! First Justin had a mother's necklace made for me with the birthstones of all my children.

Then, he and the kids baked me my very own birthday cake. They frosted it together while keeping me out of the kitchen. They did an awesome job!

They are all singing Happy Birthday to me. Didn't they do a great job on the cake?

I enjoyed their efforts immensely!
Justin's taking me out to eat tonight.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Recent Events

Lacy and her daddy went to a Father-Daughter banquet this month. Lacy was glowing in her new dress as she walked on the arm of her daddy. What a special night for them! With five children sometimes Justin and I have a hard time giving them one-on-one attention. They each have special abilities and interests that make them precious to us. Lacy loves people. She loves being the center of attention. She loves to talk. Having one parent's focus totally on her for a day or evening makes so much difference in her general mood and outlook. I need to remember to give her some one-on-one time when she's getting cranky or difficult.

The cousins! Here's a picture of all the Slusher cousins. We got everyone but Ethan! Aren't they cute? I don't know how Grammy's couch will hold them all when they are teenagers!

Jordan's smiling at his Cub Scout ceremony, and for good reason! He's just crossed over from a Tiger Cub to a Wolf Cub! Way to go! He was so excited to get his yellow neckerchief and wolf slide as well as new book and hat. We even got him some new socks! He's all set for a new year of Cub Scouts!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Father Daughter Dinner

They left for the Father-Daughter Dinner tonight. I know Justin must be exhausted, but he wanted to go. I volunteered to take her instead, but he was clear that it was a Father-Daughter dinner. Lacy looked snazzy in a new swishy magenta dress. She insisted on wearing a sweater with it because it was backless! I didn't realize it would be so revealing at the store. It amazes me that they even sell clothing like that for 8 year olds.

I'll try to post a picture of them. A professional photographer is supposed to be there to take pictures, kind of like at a prom. I do hope Justin tries to have fun. Or at least fakes it. ;)

Busy Weekend

Our weekend is SO full. Friday night Jordan crossed over from Tiger Cubs to Wolf Cubs! Justin brought him home and he was yelling, "I'm a Wolf! I'm a Wolf!" He was so excited to show off his new yellow neckerchief.

Now today we were invited to THREE parties! Yow! I don't think we are attending any of them though. The Terilli's are visiting from Houston and Lacy and Daddy have a Father-Daughter Banquet to attend this evening. I hope Justin is up to going. He's been so tired from working non-stop. (no days off in about 2 weeks!)

Sunday, Lacy has her second piano recital. I think she's going to do beautifully. Then AWANA awards night is in the evening, but again, I don't know if we can do it.

Something about being at home and having my family and house in "order" is soothing and peaceful for me. I can't stand being on-the-go constantly! Now, some of you reading this might think, "what's the big deal?" Well, this is me. I know my limitations! I'm already longing for Monday when we can stay at home all day. I suppose this makes me a homebody. I can live with that.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Late Friday evening

Today was another day when I was reminded that I am slowly losing my intellect. I used to pride myself on my vigorous mind. Pride goes before the.....what's that word? Ah yes, my fall from pride today went like this:

a phone call to my mother

me: Hi mom! How's your day going? Hey, I was just wondering when Jim (my step-dad) and Blair (my step-sister) are supposed to get here today?

mom: What? You thought they were coming today? They are coming next Friday!

me: uhhh

So my kids are all excited to see Aunt Blair, and their aging mother has the day wrong. DOH!