Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on our old house

We put our house on the market back in July before we even knew we were moving to Austin. Once we knew for sure that we were leaving, we dropped the price, and we had tons of showings. The people that made an offer needed financial assistance from the Ameridream program to be able to buy the house. That basically means that we pay their closing costs and down payment. The amounts we are paying are reflected in the higher sales price we asked for. So we are actually making just as much off the sale. We signed the contract last week with a closing date on or before Sept. 25.

Our agent called today and said that these people want to close as soon as possible. They are not even doing any inspections! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am. If we can close before Sept. 16, I won't even have to make another mortgage payment. God is so good to us! I can't believe the house is going to sell so fast. Other houses in the area are taking 6 months to sell.

Keep us in your prayers! Hopefully everything goes very smoothly.

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Momma Malek said...

What a blessing! It's amazing how when we let Him run the show, things always turn out better than if we did it ourselves. I always loved your old house. I'm sure the new owners will take good care of it.