Saturday, December 13, 2008

'Tis the Season

My children will be performing 3 songs tonight.

Jingle Bells in "Cat"

Deck the Halls (what are the words again?)

Jingle Bells in English

Notice how none of them can stand still longer than 1 minute.


Steph said...

so great - why can't I hear you cracking up in the background! ha ha

Margie said...

They all look like they have grown atleast a foot or 2! I loved it and Joanna is quite the Ballet Princess!

dmlamontagne said...

We miss you all!! Hope you have a great new year!!

Jennifer said...

This is hilarious and precious!!! This will be great black mail material someday!!!

Raina said...

LOL. So cute!

(I followed you over here from Sonlight, just in case you were wondering.)