Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swim Lessons at the YMCA

This is the warm water therapy pool. It's only used for classes. Emma and Joanna have their lessons here. Joanna's class sometimes goes to the big pool as well.

Emma is standing out of the pool, hesitating to get in. Her teacher, Ms. Jodelle, the woman in the yellow shirt, is very friendly and helpful. She's got three little girls in her class and she's mostly just getting them used to the water.

Joanna is in the corner of the pool with the other class. Her teacher, Mr. Andrew, left for boot camp last week. We were sorry to see him go. He had wonderful enthusiasm! Joanna has done so well that she's skipping the next class level.

This pool is called the family fun pool. Ethan likes to play here.

This is the other end of the Family Fun Pool. It has a lazy river, a whirlpool, and a slide.

Here's the lap pool. Lacy and Jordan are in class here. You can see Lacy on the kick board by the red lane divider, and Jordan has on dark goggles and his head is near the lifeguard's knee. They are both in the same level, but Lacy will be advancing to the next level this Saturday.

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