Monday, October 20, 2008

Suburban vs. Utility Pole

What do you think the outcome would be? I should have taken a picture. The pole smoked my Suburban. Would you believe that I never even saw the pole? It was in the middle of a parking lot. Kind of a dumb place for a utility pole. I must have hit it going 25 mph. Did you know airbags are packed in a powder that smells hideous. My children were scared enough after the crash, but then the billowing smoke from the airbags sent the screaming for the doors. Poor babies. Several of them have seat belt marks. Otherwise we are all fine.

Now I am driving a nice mini-van that is costing me about $25 a day. Fun.


Steph said...

where are the pictures?
HAVING to get a new car isn't fun!

Anonymous said...

Hope you found a new car and everyone is recovered from the airbag nightmare....take care!! The Other Slusher's

Margie said...

Well, thank goodness that you are all okay!! Those utility poles like to sneek up on people! Enjoy your new van! Take Care!