Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back at it

We started back with our homeschooling routine this week. We've been off since mid-May. With birthdays and moving and traveling and guests, we've been quite busy! Now I have our school area pretty well set up. It still needs some work, but what I need is available. The kids have started back with math (why does math leak out of their heads so fast!), science, writing (I was very impressed with Jordan's spelling and Lacy's willingness), and literature.

This is where we "do school":

Two weeks ago we started family Bible reading, character reading, and missionary reading in the evenings. We do our reading in this room. The kids color on the floor while I read on the futon. Sometimes, if I am lucky, one of my kiddos will forgo the coloring and snuggle with me.


holly patrick said...

Very cool space! Can't wait to see it in person.

Zappedo said...

I followed your blog link over from the SL forums. I so enjoy reading what other SL moms are doing :)


Momma Malek said...

I LOVE your school room. What a blessing. I soooo need to get organized with my school stuff. Thanks for the pics. It'll help get me moving!