Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally, a break

Justin is getting a bit of a break this week. He's off Wednesday and Friday. Yipee! We might see about going to the Dinoland Exhibit at Zilker Park. We were supposed to go last Friday, but Ike got it cancelled. We went to Zilker Park today and played on the playscape after Cub Scouts. We walked down by the water and Joanna slipped on the rocks and fell in. Not fun. But she whined about it much less than I expected. Ethan had the most fun, I think. He kicked and screamed in my arms all the way to the car. I wish I had pics to share, but alas, no camera.

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Momma Malek said...

I love Zilker park. I remember riding the train as a kid. Do they still have that? It might be expensive these days, not sure. Sorry to hear about the fall on the rocks, but glad to hear complaining was at a minimum! Maybe she was having so much fun, it was worth it. Enjoy the break Justin is getting!