Saturday, September 20, 2008

Organizational Tips

First of all, I am not nearly as organized as I could be or should be. But someone asked me to share some tips, so here goes.

1. Throw or give away everything you are not using. Be brutal. Sentimentality is a huge hinderance to a well-organized home. Can't part with Little Sally's paper turkey at Thanksgiving? Give it to Grandma and let her deal with it. Unless you're like me, then just trash it.

2. Keep things in logical, not traditional, places. For example, at one time I kept my children's clothes about 10 feet away from the washer and dryer. I was blessed with a house that allowed me to bath them, cloth them, and put their clothes in the laundry hamper right next to the washer/dryer all in a space of a few feet. It meant that I kept my kids clothes in the spare bedroom/office rather than in their rooms upstairs. So what? Think out of the box.

3. Books - If you have kids and books, you know it can be a pain to teach them to put the books back on the shelf correctly. I put my kids books in plastic dishpans so they can flip through them. It's easier for the kids to put the books away and it's easier for them to see their choices.

4. Have a place for everything. If something doesn't have a place, find it a place or get rid of it.

That's the extent of my organizational expertise. Hope it helps you. If you have any tips of your own that may benefit my poorly run home, feel free to educate me.


Momma Malek said...

Very good tips! One major one that has helped me in the kitchen area, is never going to bed with a messy sink. It makes a world of difference to wake up to a clean sink and clean kitchen.

Margie said...

Hey, Desiree!
Hope you guys are doing well! We have been thinking about you all and miss ya! Just wanted to drop a quick note to say HI!