Monday, September 8, 2008

Good Night, Sleep Tight


Momma Malek said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet! I love how babies can fall asleep in the most random and uncomfortable spots! Love the photos. Keep us in prayer as it looks like hurricane Ike is coming right for us.

Steph said...

so cute!

Steph said...

looks like Madelyn laying there with Justin!

Luke said...

Absolutely precious.


Melissa said...

Love the blog! Keep posting.


Tiffani Cisneros said...

Hey Desire,
Do you remember me from ABC? Tiffani... with red hair and 2 redhead kids..? Anyway, I LOVE these sleeping pictures.

I saw your bedroom nice and organized. I SO need to learn different ways to organize better. I'd LOVE to see some organizational photos from your household.. hint hint.. :)
Glad the move and everything has gone so well for your family.