Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Art 101

Artistic Pursuits K-3 is a great introduction to the arts. This week's lesson was called "Artists Communicate." The kids were required to use their whole bodies to show feelings and actions. We had so much fun acting things out! Then we did a little picture study, Charlotte Mason style. Finally we attempted to draw our own pictures, concentrating on communicating with our viewers through facial expressions and body positions.

Jordan has depicted a man digging and several faces with unpleasant expressions.

Joanna drew several faces showing tired, angry, and surprised. She also drew a boy falling off a bike and a girl crying with her hands.

Emma's made an angry face and a sad face, and then drew a full body picture of a happy person.

Lacy did several full body position sketches. Mowing, praying, falling off a bike, and I believe, vomiting, are illustrated for your viewing pleasure.

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Jennifer Brooks said...

Hi, Desiree. Looks like you and the kids are doing great! Glad to know you have settled in quite well in the Austin area. Enjoyed reading this post. I saw this curriculum a few years ago at the FEAST convention. I liked it but wasn't ready to commit to it at that time. Your post made me think about revisiting it. Did you purchase from the publisher or do you recommend a different source?