Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Jordan!!!

Eight pancakes for breakfast! Yum! I can't believe he's 8. When we brought him home from the hospital, I thought he was so perfect. He slept in his little bassinet like a champ. He would sit and look at his baby gym for up to 45 minutes at a time so mommy could do other things. He slept at night in the swing because he didn't like the crib.

Now when I tuck him in bed, he gives me three kinds of kisses -- fish kisses, eskimo kisses, and butterfly kisses -- and one monster hug. He talks constantly, telling me all the funny stories he's read, heard, or seen. You have to tell him to do one thing at a time or he'll get sidetracked. He can play legos for hours. He loves to play tennis, shoot his bow and arrows, ride his bike, play basketball, and play video games.

He's active, smart, fun, and kind. I love him so much. Happy Birthday Jordan!

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Chelle said...

Keep posting :-)
We are reading!