Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Hop week 2: School Room


Here's a wide view of our room.

The cabinet and shelves on the left hold all of our liberal arts materials: history, geography, language arts, foreign language, art, and music. The cabinet and shelves on the right hold our math and science materials. The small bookshelf in the middle holds our cd player, readers, the waiting Sonlight Core 3, and Landmark history books.

This hallway wall leading to the kitchen displays artwork. The white bookshelf holds our children's readers, mostly chapter books.

Our lovely IKEA bookshelf has everything else. LOL. Let's see the top rows have mommy stuff, IGs, Bibles, and other reading materials. The next row has Core 2 books, puzzles, Bible and character materials, and diapers. The third row has 1 cubby for each child with the last cubby holding paper and art materials. The fourth row hold Sonlight Cores 1, K, PK 4/5, and PK 3/4 with paper in the last cubby. And the bottom row holds all the kids history, science, and math books that aren't part of any curriculum. Just stuff I've picked up here and there.

We do most of our work at this table. The cabinet in the corner holds mostly craft supplies. Our sewing stuff is on the top.


Dreama said...

I love this room!! Especially your organization!!

Craig and Linda said...

Great school! I would love to post pictures of our shelves, but I need a couple of hours to straighten them up first ;)!

Petite Mommy said...

I really like how well organized your room is.

Hope you have a great year!

Jessica S. said...

LOL!! Don't you just love randomed comments from people (Wendy's). I am a military spouse and we have four boys...I just started homeschooling this year. Great space/storage! Happy Homeschooling! P.S. TEXAS ROCKS!! Living in Germany, but always a Texan!

Anonymous said...

I love your room! You're helping me gather ideas. I've seen that same Ikea shelf in a couple of other Blog Hop posts too and I NEED ONE!!! :D I'm gradually taking over one of our grown kids' rooms for a school room... we just have to tell him that since he's moved OUT, I'm moving IN! lol